The AnDi Challenge strikes back!

The 2nd Anomalous Diffusion (AnDi) Challenge aims to evaluate methods for detecting and quantifying changes in single-particle motion. Joins us at:


What is new?

  • Heterogeneous behavior: The quest to detect changes in single-particle motion is more than a technical challenge: it’s key to unraveling biological function. Your insights could lead to breakthroughs in understanding crucial cellular processes.
  • Phenomenological models: While theoretical models of diffusion are foundational, the cellular environment adds layers of complexity. In the 2nd AnDi Challenge, we dive into scenarios where particles dynamically interact with their environment – think trapping, confinement, dimerization, and more. This is your chance to tackle real-world complexity head-on!
  • Single-particle videos: Can you characterize and quantify changes of motion directly from single-particle videos? This second edition introduces a new feature besides trajectory analysis and challenges you to think beyond traditional methods of tracking and analysis. Let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible!


Participate and Collaborate

The challenge will be hosted on Codalab (link above). Dive deeper into the challenge details, datasets, metrics, and timeframes by reading our comprehensive manuscript. The manuscript has already passed Stage 1 review and has been in-principle accepted as a Registered Report in Nature Communications.

We are not just challenging your technical skills; we’re inviting you to contribute to a greater understanding of the microscopic world. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a curious newcomer, your perspective is valuable. Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and innovation. Let’s uncover the secrets of anomalous diffusion and make a lasting impact on the scientific community!


AnDi 2 Seminar

An end-to-end guide to the challenge was broadcasted on February 22nd 2024. We explained how the data looks like (both videos and trajectories), the evaluation metrics and also how to create a proper submission. If you missed it, you can rewatch the video recording of the presentation with this link. If you want to check the slides of the presentation, follow this link.